Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies & Procedures

Welcoming Home Stay fulfills each of the 10 fair information principles of Schedule 1 of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

WHS staff are trained in the procedures for responding to individual inquiries regarding their personal information, how it is or has been used, and to whom it has been disclosed. WHS customers have full access to their personal information at any time.

WHS informs our host families and other customers that we have policies and practices for the management of personal information on our web site, brochure etc. 

WHS protects personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification as outlined in our Security Measures for Personal Information Policy.

WHS will obtain consent for the use of personal information from all the host families, using our Host Agreement. 

There will be no registration fees for Host, Driver, Guest and Representatives. However, a commission will be deducted for every guest a host family will welcome and every ride a driver will offer.

Every vehicle should be not more than 9 years old.

Homestay guests will not be placed with a family who have not been recruited through a full selection process.

Our Homestay staff often must use their judgement when checking selection criteria. One consideration is whether they would feel comfortable staying in a household.

Homestay host will care for the Homestay student/ guest in a safe and secure environment and provide appropriate support and supervision for a Homestay student/ guest while adjusting to living in a new environment.

While it is desirable to obtain the most suitable hosts possible, our staff are aware of antidiscrimination legislation.

While staff avoid discrimination, if a potential host, regardless of race, does not meet the selection criteria set by the Homestay program, we will not use them.

We arrange the airport pickup for the required airport, day and time (if student requests it). The airport pickup can only be arranged once we have been advised of the student’s flight details.

If you cancel or postpone your accommodation more than two weeks before your arrival, 100% of the Homestay Accommodation fee and Homestay Placement fee will be refunded.

If you cancel your accommodation less than two weeks before your arrival: 100% of the Homestay Accommodation fee and Homestay Placement fee will be refunded, however you will be charged $100 to cover administration costs.

If you postpone your accommodation less than two weeks before your arrival you will be charged $100 to cover administration costs. 

If you cancel your accommodation booking less than 48 hours before your arrival you will be charged one week’s accommodation fee and the placement fee will not be refunded.

 If you postpone your accommodation booking less than 48 hours you will be charged one week’s accommodation fee and $100 to cover administration costs.

If a guest chooses to leave the Homestay family before the end of their contract period, they are required to give two weeks’ notice to the Homestay Manager and homestay family in order to receive a refund of the remaining Homestay fees held by WHS.

In situations where the guest has indicated that they cannot continue to live with the family due to health risks (allergies) or some other issue which they had failed to let us know on the placement form, they will be moved as soon as possible. Or if the family has breached any rules for hosting students in accordance with WHS’s policies the student will be moved as soon as possible.

If a student is not happy with their Homestay family, they can contact the Homestay coordinator – or the Homestay family will contact the Homestay coordinator. It is suggested that the student and family try to see if they can get along.

If a student is under 18, they must again be assisted to find a suitable Homestay family so that they have the supervision of an adult. However, if an under 18 students repeatedly breaks the Homestay rules; the school, agent and/or student’s parents will be contacted, and appropriate action taken.

Homestay Rules for guests These rules are designed to ensure you have the best possible Homestay experience. We suggest you discuss these with your host family upon arrival in their home. 

  • NO Smoking 

  • Keep room tidy 

  • Turn off ALL electrical items when not in use.

  • Wipe down sink after using it and try not to splash water all over the bathroom. 

  • If you do splash a lot of water on the floor, wipe or mop it up. 

  • Unplug all electrical appliances after use.

  • You are expected to do your own laundry – ask your family if you are unsure how to use the washing machine. 

  • You must respect your Homestay family and their belongings. 

  • The family is only required to drive you to and from school (if you have paid for transport). However, they may be able to help you with transport if it is convenient for them and will help you with bus timetables so you can catch a bus or assist you to call for a taxi.