Student, Guest Tourist FAQ

Is there any application fees? 

There is no application fee. Guest will pay for the stay and services received from the host. 

How much does it cost to get a home stay? 

The price vary based on locations, meal plan availability and services offer. 

What do homestay offer? 

A furnished room with a window, A bed with clean linen (sheets, pillow, and blankets), Private storage for your belongings (such as a chest of drawers or a closet), Access to a shared bathroom with your own clean towels, A quiet place to study, usually in your own room, Please note: special requests (like dietary restrictions) will be taken into consideration.

What payment methods are acceptable? 

Debit/VISA, master cards, American express.

Can I bring a family member/ friend? 

If a guest wants to include more people, and the host can allow it, please state the number of people so that the host can charge accordingly. 

What number do I call if any emergency? 

Contact WHS 24hr customer’s line.

What happens if I need a host in two or more towns? 

Book the different host individually based on your dates.

How can I review my host? 

You can visit our review page by clicking here: Write Review

What happens if I need a meal plan included to my homestay? 

Select host that offer meals.


Host's FAQ

Why did you change the cancellation policy, making it easier for guests to cancel at no cost? 

We added a grace period to the Strict cancellation policy to encourage guests to book with confidence, and to make a way for them to resolve booking mistakes right after booking (as long as the trip is at least 14 days away and they cancel within 48 hours of booking). We have measures in place to make sure guests don’t misuse the grace period by booking more than one listing at a time or cancelling more than three times in a year penalty-free.

The review system can feel unfair sometimes. What are you planning to do to improve it? 

We’re going to investigate how one-off ratings affect your overall rating and impact your status in programs like Super-host. But it’s important for Airbnb to be a neutral platform for both guests and hosts, so we won’t remove reviews unless they violate our Content Policy.

 Is the website secure? 

Yes, the information you provide will be encrypted and safe. We won't sell or use your personal information outside of what it's intended for. 

What documents do I need to register as a host? 

Documents needed to complete host registration: piece of ID (e.g. driver license, passport, residency card etc.), picture of host(S), picture of the vacant room, a valid Background check if applicable.

When do you plan to expand Experiences to my city? 

WHS is Canada wide, hence everyone in Canada that meet the requirement to be a host or driver could register.

What accommodation options can a host offer? 

A host can offer the below home stay options: 

  • Stay with 3 course meal

  • Stay with 2 meal (breakfast and dinner)

  • Stay with 1 meal (breakfast)

  • Simple stay

  • Airport shuttle ( pick up and or drop off)

Why did you add new basic amenities requirements? 

Our goal in requiring essential amenities was to meet guest expectations, as these are the items guests tell us they look for. But we’ve changed our approach and are now leaving it to hosts to choose whether to include essential amenities such as a study desk and chair, etc.

How can I review my guest?

Once a guest has reserved, our team will send you an email confirmation of your guest detail including their reservation details. 

What penalties apply if I need to cancel a reservation? 

If reservation is cancelled in less than 48 hours to check-in, You will not receive full refund but rather only a 50% refund. 

Can I be a host and a driver? 

Yes you can register as a host and driver at the same time.

Can I host students bellow 18 years? 

Yes , but you will be required to submit a valid background/ criminal check 

What happens if my guest cancels? 

You will be notified within 48 hours before check in time. So that you can make arrangements for another guest. Your place will get relisted after a guest has canceled the stay. 

How do I get paid? 

At the end of the guest stay, WHS will issues payments.

What number do I call if any emergency? 

Contact WHS 24hr customer’s line.


Driver's FAQ

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish? What are the steps along the way? 

It is simple. If you are a licensed driver in Canada with 2 years of experience, own a registered car of year 2007 at least. You can register as a driver at WHS.

Is there any application fees? 

There is no application fees. However a commission will apply on every ride a driver offer.

What is the procedure when items are left in your car? 

If an item is left in your car. Please kindly contact WHS ASAP and we will alert the guest to help retrieve the item at guest cost.

Does my vehicle's registration and insurance need to be in my name if I am the one applying to WHS? 

Yes, the vehicle needs to be registered and insured with your name. 

What happens if I can’t pick up a guest due to emergency reasons? 

You should contact WHS at least 24 hours to the pickup time to advice of your emergency, so we can make proper arrangement.

How do I get paid? 

Once the trip is complete. WHS will issue the payment. You can receive the payment electronically (3% fee applies) or get a check at the address you provided.

How can I review my driver?

We will have a review page where you can select your driver and provide a clear and concise review about the service you received. 

How do I get clients? 

Any guest that needs a ride from the airport or to the airport will contact the driver via email and or phone number and detail his or her literary and the driver will reply with a quotation. If the client agrees, then they will schedule pick up. 

What number do I call if any emergency? 

Contact WHS 24hr customer’s line.